Jonathan Stahl

Jonathan Stahl     Consultant profile

Personal information

Year of birth: 1982
Programming since: 2004
Consultant since: 2014

Jonathan is a creative engineer with a broad experience in both programming and graphical design. He has always been oriented towards good results and is creative, analytical, self-propelled and a fast learner. He has long experience of both small and large scale projects and is very good at teamwork. He is a good listener as well as communicator and is an excellent problem solver. 


Bachelor of Science, Multimedia engineering (180p), Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University, Sweden


Areas of expertise

  • Web development
  • Game development
  • General software development
  • Android development
  • Databases
  • Web design
  • Computer graphics

Field experience

During his career he has been working with a wide range of web-solutions, from ads and video communities to web-based games and social networks. He has developed several games for mobile platforms, PC and Mac, from small apps to large scale online games. His interest and skills in both technical and graphical solutions have made him fully aware and uncompromising regarding the importance of the quality of the final product. 

Tools and Technologies1

Language Years exp. Rating Last used
Android 1 4 2014
ASP.NET 1 4 2017
ASP.NET Core 1 4 2017
C# 2 4 2017
CSS 12 5 2016
CSS3 9 4 2016
HTML 12 5 2016
HTML5 9 4 2016
Java 3 4 2014
Javascript 12 5 2016
jQuery 6 5 2014
PHP 7 4 2014
Ruby 1 3 2015
SQL 9 5 2016
XML 7 3 2014
English Both written and spoken
French Both written and spoken
Swedish Both written and spoken
Development tool Years exp. Rating Last used
Adobe Creative Suite 7 4 2014
Adobe Photoshop 7 4 2014
Amazon AWS 1 4 2016
Angular 1 4 2016
Eclipse 3 4 2014
Git 2 3 2014
JIRA 1 3 2015
MongoDB 1 3 2016
Mono Develop 2 5 2017
MS Visual Studio 1 4 2017
MySQL 8 4 2015
Unity 2 5 2017
Knowledge Years exp. Rating Last used
Adobe Photoshop 7 5 2014
Ajax 7 5 2014
Android 1 4 2014
AngularJS 1 4 2015
Bootstrap 3 5 2017
jQuery 6 4 2014
MS SQL Server 1 4 2017
MySQL 7 5 2014
REST 5 5 2017
Scrum 3 3 2014
Web standards 7 4 2014
1. Definition of ratings
  1. Has some knowledge of the technology/product.
  2. Has previously used the technology/product but may require a brief introduction or course.
  3. Has used this technology/product in projects before and can get going on his/her own.
  4. Feels very confident with the technology/product.
  5. Is very experienced with the technology/product and can support or educate others in this area.


Customer Golfhäftet, Helsingborg
Time frame 2017/04 - 2017/12
Project role Worked as web developer, both backend and frontend.
Project description Developed a CRM and API for booking golf courses.
Technology Used .NET Core for backend
Customer OddComet Games, Malmö
Time frame 2016/08 - 2017/03
Project role Game designer, graphics and developer.
Project description Worked on the game "Moomin Quest" featuring the world famous Moomin characters, released on iOS and Android.
Customer OddComet Games, Malmö
Time frame 2015/09 - 2016
Project role Game developer at Odd Comet Games, making games with Unity for all platforms.
Project description
Technology Unity
Customer OddComet Games, Malmö
Time frame 2015/09 - 2016/08
Project role Game designer, graphics and developer.
Project description Worked on the game "Castle Chaos" released on Steam for PC, Mac & Linux.
Technology Unity, C#, Photoshop
Customer Zaplox AB, Lund
Time frame 2014/09 - 2015/09
Project role Web developer Front-end
Project description Developed the front-end for a administration tool handling mobile keys.
Technology Angular, Javascript, Ruby, SASS
Customer Helsingborgs Marathon, Helsingborg
Time frame 2014/07 - 2014/08
Project role My role was to implement a simulated run for thousands of marathon runners on a google map.
Project description Average speeds are calculated and markers positions are animated along a defined path. As the runners reach checkpoints they await further information from a server before resuming their run.
Technology C#, Xamarin, JSON, Google Maps
Customer MyKlipp, Helsingborg
Time frame 2014/03 - 2015/07
Project role Developer
Project description Developed a web tool where stores can be added with their respective accounts. These stores can afterwards add deals which will be sent to an android app. Developed the android app as well, which fetches new deals from the store and shows their location on a map. Info about the deal can be seen together with images and the distance from the user's current location to the store.
Technology The website is implemented in the PHP Laravel framework. The android app is developed in Java Android SDK. JSON is used for sending data between the web-service and the app.
Customer Blackberry TAT AB, Malmö
Time frame 2012/12 - 2013/12
Project role Interaction designer, UI designer, Prototyper
Project description Contributed to the design and concept of the mobile application “Blackberry Express” for the Blackberry 10 platform, an application which introduces a new way to create beautiful and efficient presentations on the fly. It manages the layout and formatting so you can spend more time on your message when time is of the essence. Designed the interaction patterns in order to make the creation as simple and intuitive as possible, at the same time keeping the design beautiful. Made prototypes with great precision and attention for details such as animations and interactions. The application was released on Blackberry World and is one of the highest rated apps.
Technology Eclipse IDE, Cascades 4, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.
Customer Blackberry TAT AB, Malmö
Time frame 2011/08 - 2012/12
Project role Interaction designer, UI designer, Prototyper
Project description Contributed to the design and concept of the mobile platform Blackberry OS 10 for the Blackberry smartphone. Made several prototypes illustrating the new features, interactions and animations of the OS and many of its core applications.
Technology Cascades 4, TML, Javascript
Customer Skullbox Labs, Helsingborg
Time frame 2011/06 - 2014/06
Project role Developer, Game designer
Project description Designing and programming an online game called Blue Saga in Java for PC and Mac. This includes server and client implementation, graphics and game design. Blue Saga is a multiplayer online game consisting of a vast world to explore, quests to accomplish and monsters to defeat. Server and clients communicate with TCP protocols, all battles and artificial intelligence are controlled by the server. The client acts as a streaming screen so that only the visible area of the world is sent to the client in order to keep down the data transferred, giving a good gaming performance and experience. Made all graphics in Adobe Photoshop and designed the world in an editor implemented from scratch in Java as well. The server stores all required values in a sqlite database.
Technology Eclipse IDE, Java, Sqlite, XML, TCP protocol, Adobe Photoshop.
Customer Skullbox Labs, Helsingborg
Time frame 2010/09 - 2011/04
Project role Developer, game designer, artist and music composer.
Project description Designed and developed a puzzle game called “Puzzle of the Dead” for iOS consisting of beautiful retro graphics and 80 levels to complete. The different levels featured a wide range of puzzle elements such as blocs that could be moved, enemies to avoid, coins to collect and doors to unlock. The game was implemented in Objective C and the levels were designed in a self-made editor. The graphics were drawn in Adobe Photoshop. The game was released on App Store and got positive reviews.
Technology Xcode, Objective C, Adobe Photoshop, Modplug Tracker (for the music).
Customer TV3, Kanal 5, Stockholm
Time frame 2010/06 - 2010/07
Project role Web developer and designer
Project description Designing and implementing a video site called for the media companies TV4, TV3 and Kanal 5. The purpose of the site is to give an analytical tool and advices to customers who want to advertise on their channels. The website includes a login-system where administrators can add and upload new videos to the site. The videos are encoded and saved in different formats enabling the best viewing experience on both computers and mobile devices.
Technology PHP, HTML, CSS, Jquery and Ffmpeg for video uploads.

Previous employments

2015/09 - 2017/12
OddComet Games, Malmö
Game developer at Odd Comet Games, making games with Unity for all platforms.
2014/03 - 2015/08
EC Solutions AB, Lund
Worked as a consultant making mobile apps and websites.
2014/09 - 2015/09
Zaplox AB, Lund
Developed the front-end for a administration tool handling mobile keys.
2011/08 - 2013/12
Blackberry TAT AB, Malmö
Worked as a UI designer and prototyper at Blackberry TAT AB
2007/09 - 2014/05
Animero AB, Helsingborg
Worked as a web developer at Animero AB