Roger Felix

Roger Felix     Consultant profile

Personal information

Year of birth: 1964
Programming since: 1979
Consultant since: 1997

Roger Felix is a versatile consultant, having experience in SW design and development, mathematical modeling and algorithm development for embedded micro controller software and hardware, as well as knowledge in electric power engineering, power electronics, IoT, digital signal processing and control theory. 

He also has significant experience and expertise in Oracle database programming. Roger has a degree in Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Chalmers in Göteborg - Sweden. Control Theory is his main profile.

As a person, he is analytic, efficient, responsible and well planned and finds it easy to work with people coming from a wide range of backgrounds. Roger has work experience as group leader with HR responsibility, performed in parallel to his assignments in the Telecom industry.


  • Master of Science, Computer Technology , Chalmers Tekniska Högskola , Sweden
  • Programming Using C# - Basic Course (7.5p), Malmö Högskola
  • Programming Using .NET: Advanced Course (7.5p), Malmö Högskola
  • Computer Engineering, LiTH, Linköping – 40p


Year Course Days
2002 Clear Case fundamentals for Windows 2
2011 Education for managers (Semcon) 6
2012 Embedded Linux 3
2010 Sales legal education 1
2009 Modeling UML in Enterprise Architect 3
2004 Project Leadership and MS Project 3
2001 Debug using Lauterbach T32 - ICE 3
2001 SDL - Basic Course 3
1997 Oracle Developer 2000 - Forms 3
2013 Sony: ARM Crash analysis 1
2013 Sony: Crash analysis - hero level 2
2013 Sony: IDD Logging 2
2014 Sony: SMP and low level threading 2
2017 Assa MBS shared platform 3

Areas of expertise

  • Embedded software design and development
  • Telecommunications
  • Control theory
  • Multimedia (Audio) design and deployment
  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Electric Motor Drives
  • Databases
  • ARM architecture
  • ARM Crash analysis
  • 3GPP
  • Software architecture
  • Team lead
  • IoT
  • Boot loaders
  • .Net
  • ALSA
  • Speech codecs
  • Git
  • Android

Field experience


  • Telecom, Multimedia (Audio) design and deployment, Requirements handling. (ST-Ericsson).
  • Android, GDB crash analysis, Multimedia (Sony Mobile)
  • Medical (Gambro)
  • Door Control, Electric Power Engineering, Electric Motor Drives, IoT, Sensors. (Crawford/IDA, ASSA ES)
  • Oracle Databases, PL/SQL
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Team leading, Group leadership

Tools and Technologies1

Language Years exp. Rating Last used
Android 4 4 2014
ARM assembler 14 5 2018
Assembler 39 5 2018
C 25 5 2018
C# 8 5 2018
C++ 25 5 2018
Delphi 15 4 2014
Java 13 5 2014
MATLAB 18 5 2013
Pascal 35 5 2018
Python 1 5 2018
SQL 17 5 2014
UML 14 5 2018
XML 7 4 2012
Danish Good communicating skills on a social- and professional level
English Good communicating skills on a social- and professional level, both verbally and written
French Basic knowledge, communication on a social level, both verbally and written
German Communicating skills on a social- and professional level, both verbally and written
Icelandic Beginner's level
Norwegian Can communicate verbally
Swedish Mother tongue
Development tool Years exp. Rating Last used
ARM Crash tool 1 5 2014
ARM Development Studio 1 5 2012
Coverity 1 4 2012
Doxygen 12 5 2018
Eclipse 9 5 2018
Enterprise Architect 3 5 2012
GCC 24 5 2018
GDB 5 4 2018
Gerrit 1 5 2014
GIT 8 4 2018
IBM Rational Rhapsody 6 5 2018
Latex 5 3 2002
Lauterbach T32 14 5 2014
Lint 9 4 2018
MATLAB 19 5 2013
Microsoft Project 10 4 2007
Mqtt 2 5 2018
MS Visual Studio 14 5 2018
QT 2 5 2012
Qualcomm QPST 1 4 2014
Qualcomm QXDM 1 4 2014
Rational Clear Case 8 5 2012
Simulink 18 4 2012
ST-Ericsson LiNS 2 5 2012
STM32Cube 2 5 2018
TI Code Composer Studio 4 5 2008
Wireshark 3 4 2014
wxWidgets 4 5 2012
Knowledge Years exp. Rating Last used
3GPP 26.131 8 5 2012
3GPP 26.132 8 5 2012
ARM architecture 14 5 2018
Audio Codecs 8 5 2012
Computer-based Asset Maintenance Management Systems (CAMMS) 3 4 2000
Control theory 25 5 2018
Database Conversion 17 5 2014
ITU-T Recommendation P.76 & P.79 8 5 2012
Linux 9 5 2018
Linux device drivers 3 5 2014
Oracle 8.0 13 5 2012
PL/SQL 12 5 2009
Power electronics 25 5 2018
Scrum 8 4 2018
Signal Processing 24 5 2018
Ubuntu 8 5 2018
Unit testing 12 5 2018
Vector CANalyzer 1 5 2018
Vector CANoe 1 4 2018
Windows Mobile 3 4 2016
1. Definition of ratings
  1. Has some knowledge of the technology/product.
  2. Has previously used the technology/product but may require a brief introduction or course.
  3. Has used this technology/product in projects before and can get going on his/her own.
  4. Feels very confident with the technology/product.
  5. Is very experienced with the technology/product and can support or educate others in this area.


Customer ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Landskrona
Time frame 2014/07 - ongoing
Project role Software developer
Project description Sliding Doors team, IoT team, Revolving doors team
Technology ARM, ST32, IoT, gcc, Eclipse, CAN, GDB, Git, control theory, proprietary boot loader implementation, Renesas, UML
Customer Sony Mobile Communications AB, Lund
Time frame 2013/02 - 2014/06
Project role MiB, Multimedia department X-Mib
Project description Sony mobile SoC multimedia SW development, mainly in low level audio.
Technology ARM, SoC, ALSA, Android, multimedia framework, Git, ARM Crash tool, GDB, Gerrit
Customer ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Landskrona
Time frame 2012/04 - 2013/01
Project role SW Developer
Project description DC Motor PWM control, physical modeling, design of regulator for controlling door movement. Door logic and control according to EN 16005 and DIN 18650-1-2.
Technology Programming in UML, C and C , IDE used: Telelogic Rhapsody 7.3
Customer ST-Ericsson, Multimedia Department, Lund
Time frame 2009/01 - 2012/04
Project role Member of Speech Team. System design and implementation of 2G/3G/4G mobile platform conversational audio.
Project description Development of tools for speech data logging and audio algorithm tuning. Responsible for platform customer documentation on tuning of mobile equipment according to 3GPP TS 26.131 & 132, ITU-T Recommendation P.76 & P.79. Implementation of 2G/3G TDMA/PCM adaptive echo control synchronization in Samsung GT-9100 customer project.
Technology IBM Rational ClearCase, Eclipse, GIT, Visual Studio, C, C , QT, wxWidgets, Enterprise Architect, Lauterbach T32
Customer Volvo Articulated Haulers, Växjö
Time frame 2007/10 - 2007/11
Project role Member of project evaluation team
Project description Member of root cause evaluation team for a specific development project. A project was launched based on customer feedback with the aim to introduce modern technology in this product segment. The mission was a part of the quality process and consisted in evaluating the finished development project, and Roger's responsibility was the software development process. Interviews and discussions with personnel were carried out in order to learn from the project. The investigation resulted in a report and suggestions for organizational changes.
Technology N/A
Customer Ericsson Mobile Platforms, Multimedia Department, Lund
Time frame 2006/01 - 2009/12
Project role SW Devoloper and Team leader
Project description Team leader for R13 MultiMedia Speech, handling implementation of Multimedia related issues for VoIP, GAN/UMA and 16 kHz BlueTooth. Responsible for telephony test application, testing voice calls, video call functionality and automatic speech recognition (ASR). Participating in the Multimedia Functions Group, with responsibility for Conversational Audio, HAL Audio and Video Telephony multimedia system design documents.
Technology IBM Rational ClearCase, Eclipse, Visual Studio, C, C , wxWidgets, Lauterbach T32
Customer Ericsson AB, Multimedia Department, Lund
Time frame 2004/11 - 2005
Project role SW Devoloper
Project description Maintenance and development of the Voice Call Services (VCS) module, hosting 2G/3G speech codecs, TTY, conversational audio algorithms and voice call audio encode and decode. Load module responsible for the Phone-Audio voice call DSP load module tracking resource budget. Module key responsible for the Half-Rate speech codec module. Participating in the Multimedia Functions Group, handling platform requirements, and being involved in a project for audio acceleration using a third-party external audio DSP.
Technology IBM Rational ClearCase, Visual Studio, C, TI Code Composer Studio, Lauterbach T32
Customer Boverket, Karlskrona
Time frame 2003/01 - 2003/07
Project role Database administration expert
Project description Assignment as Oracle Server DBA expert for database system BOFINC at Boverket in Karlskrona handling e.g. Oracle-installations on system level, being responsible for architecture, configuration, maintenance, availability, tuning, safety and documentation. The area of keeping routines and documentation up-to-date for backup & recovery, database supervision and maintenance was emphasized.
Technology Oracle 9
Customer International Door Automation/Crawford, Strömstad
Time frame 2002/06 - 2002/12
Project role SW Developer
Project description Programming of a motor PWM-control card for door movement.
Technology C, HI-TECH PIC C-Compiler, Microchip MPLAB
Customer Cardo Rail, Malmö
Time frame 2002/05 - 2002/07
Project role Member of project evaluation team
Project description The assignment consisted in the general on site (SAB WABCO in Turin, Italy) evaluation of the software development process, and determining the state of a specific project, involving a new generation of highly integrated computerized brake systems.
Technology N/A
Customer Gambro Renal Products, Lund
Time frame 2000/11 - 2002/02
Project role SW Developer
Project description Programming of medical equipment for blood dialysis. Languages used are 80X86 assembler language and Intel PL/M-X86, utilizing a PL/M-code generator for process state machine design.
Technology Intel PL/M-X86, assembler language, MS SourceSafe
Customer International Door Automation/Crawford, Strömstad
Time frame 2000/07 - 2000/11
Project role SW Developer
Project description Programming of a motor control card for door movement and an enhancement module for additional inputs and traffic light outputs.
Technology C, assembler language , HI-TECH PIC C-Compiler, Microchip MPLAB
Customer BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany
Time frame 1999/2000 - 2005/06
Project role Oracle SW Developer in cooperation with SQL Systems Holland
Project description Project for railway vehicle maintenance. This assignment focused on a tailored workflow, using handheld computers and barcode as input, an automatic invoicing interface to SAP financial system and automatic data exchange with EBS vehicle tracking system.
Technology Oracle 8
Customer Göteborgs Energi AB, Göteborg
Time frame 1999/02 - 1999/08
Project role Oracle SW Developer
Project description Development of a solution using handheld terminals for asset inspection, work-order handling, hour booking, issue of parts and meter reading registration.
Technology Oracle 8, Psion EPOC
Customer EON / Sydgas AB, Malmö
Time frame 1998/03 - 1999/08
Project role Oracle SW Developer
Project description Real-time data collection, long-term data storage, energy forecasting and operator interface for Sydgas AB in Malmö - Sweden
Technology Oracle 7, MatLab, Centura Team Developer 2000

Previous employments

2012/10 -
EC Solutions AB, Helsingborg
2000/07 - 2012/09
Semcon Sweden AB, Lund
SW Consultant, Group manager
1997/04 - 2000/06
SQL Systems Sweden AB, Malmö
Database SW Developer/Consultant