Jonathan Casanueva Willumsen

Jonathan Casanueva Willumsen     Consultant profile

Personal information

Year of birth: 1990
Programming since: 2008
Consultant since: 2016

Jonathan is a solid c++ developer. He has a practical game developer education and experience with working in small companies close to the costumer.

He loves to learn new things and take on all kinds of projects, while having close contact with the end user to produce the best results.

Except programming, he has experience with design, marketing, webdevelopment and game development in big and small teams.

Now he works with web- and multiplattform app development in Electron and Node.js to develop an inhouse softphone.


2  years and 8 months of Game Programmer Education at The Game Assembly including an internship at JWPictures AB

Half year technical preparatory semester at LTH Campus Helsingborg


Year Course Days
2014 Design Patterns 100
2013 C-plusplus for Java- and C-programmers 600

Areas of expertise

  • C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Game development
  • Electron
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • WebRTC

Field experience

Economics Assistant at Granngården AB for a total of 2,5 years. 

2 and a half years education at The Game Assembly, including 8 months internship at JWPictures AB.

3 Months working with Region skåne developing.

1 year and currently at as webdeveloper.

Tools and Technologies1

Language Years exp. Rating Last used
C# 1 4 2015
C++ 3 5 2016
CSS 1 3 2016
Delphi 1 3 2016
HTML5 1 4 2017
Java 1 2 2016
Javascript 2 4 2017
jQuery 1 2 2016
PHP 1 3 2017
SQL 1 4 2016
Danish Can talk if need be, understand very well
English Speach and understanding is very good.
Swedish Mothers tongue
Development tool Years exp. Rating Last used
Adobe Photoshop 2 3 2016
Angular 1 4 2017
Blender 3D 2 4 2016
MS Visual Studio 3 4 2016
MySQL 2 3 2017
Node.js 2 3 2017
PHP Storm 2 5 2017
Unity 2 4 2017
Knowledge Years exp. Rating Last used
AngularJS 2 4 2017
Computer graphics 2 4 2015
jQuery 2 2 2017
Mathematics 2 3 2015
MySQL 2 4 2017
Test-driven development 2 2 2015
Website wireframes 2 4 2017
1. Definition of ratings
  1. Has some knowledge of the technology/product.
  2. Has previously used the technology/product but may require a brief introduction or course.
  3. Has used this technology/product in projects before and can get going on his/her own.
  4. Feels very confident with the technology/product.
  5. Is very experienced with the technology/product and can support or educate others in this area.


Customer EC Solutions AB, malmö
Time frame 2017/06 - ongoing
Project role developer
Project description Developing games for oddcomet and helping on other projects.
Technology unity,, ionic, excel, delphi 7
Customer Zmarta, Ängelholm
Time frame 2016/05 - 2017/06
Project role Developer
Project description Produced a Softphone for Zmarta. This is used by their salesdepartment and allows for more control and statistics. I also was a part of the team that created various websites and inhouse software for the company.
Technology Node.js, PHP, MySQL, kibana, elastic search, javascript, angular, Electron, WebRTC, Websockets, Laravel
Customer Region Skåne, Malmö
Time frame 2016/02 - 2016/05
Project role Programmer
Project description Creating a program to help doctors to analyse spinal fluid samples to see if there is a risk of brain hemorrhage. This was developed in Delphi 7, to reuse an old project.
Technology Delphi 7, mySQL,
Customer JWPictures AB, Helsingör
Time frame 2015/12 - 2016/02
Project role Programmer
Project description Helped Knowmio, a company in helsingör, to present their data in a useful way in VBA in excel. The data was from their excersice-quiz game for kids in school, a modern way of test.
Technology VBA, Excel

Previous employments

2016/02 -
EC Solutions AB, Malmö
2015/06 - 2016/02
JWPictures AB, Rydebäck
Technical director and gamedevelopment
2012/01 - 2013/01
Lunds Kommun, Lund
Personal Assistant
2010/01 - 2012/01
Granngården AB, Malmö
Economic Assisstant