Jan Lindåker

Jan Lindåker     Consultant profile

Personal information

Year of birth: 1966
Programming since: 1982
Consultant since: 2004

Jan is a developer with a long experience of both development and testing. Jan is competent and perceptive and cooperates easily with other people. Jan likes to solve problems and transfer knowledge to fellow project members. Jan likes to be involved in projects where new approaches are needed in order to achieve desired results. New tools and methods that simplifies software development is a natural part to achieve improvement in the development process. Jan takes great responsibility in the final result.

Jan been technically responsible for the operation of a versioning system which had over 1000 users worldwide. Jan has developed user interfaces, development tools and ported applications across platforms. Jan has developed both for mobile units as well as for the web. Jan has developed graphical editors for the MSC language and was part of that language standardization (MSC-2000).

Jan is experienced in both leading and performing inspections of both specifications and software.

Jan is married and has three children 21, 14 and 9 years old and lives in Börringe. When Jan does not take care of his wife, children and house, he plays various games. Jan's engineering skills are not only limited to programming, since Jan has designed and dimensioned the central heating in his house and also helped the plumber with the installation. When Jan was little he played with model aircraft (computers almost did not exist at that time). Jan has a goal that physical activities should consist of more that garden work and house repairs.


1987-1992 Master of science and Technology, 180p LTH

1987 ADB, 20p Lunds Universitet

1987 Mathematics, 10p Lunds Universitet

1986 Mathematical logic, 5p Lunds Universitet

1985-1986 Military service A3 Kristianstad, ArtSS Linköping

1982-1985 High school, Natural sciense Nicolaiskolan, Helsingborg

Areas of expertise

  • Embedded software design and development
  • Android application development
  • Enterprise application development
  • Java
  • Configuration management
  • Delivery Management
  • Agile development
  • Python
  • RESTful API
  • Quality and process work
  • Software integration
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • Databases
  • Web development

Field experience

  • Case Tools
  • Embedded
  • Web
  • Android
  • JBoss
  • Configuration Management

Tools and Technologies1

Language Years exp. Rating Last used
Android 1 3 2014
C 27 4 2016
C# 1 2 2009
C++ 10 4 2004
CSS 1 3 2003
CSS3 1 3 2013
HTML 14 4 2014
HTML5 1 4 2014
Java 8 4 2014
Javascript 1 3 2014
Pascal 3 4 1990
Perl 19 3 2019
PHP 1 3 2004
Python 7 4 2016
Ruby 1 3 2014
Shell script 19 3 2019
SQL 5 3 2014
SVG 1 2 2014
XML 5 2014
Czech Native
English Fluent
German Conversation
Swedish Native
Development tool Years exp. Rating Last used
Android ADB 1 3 2014
Doxygen 1 4 2004
Eclipse 4 4 2013
Flash Gordon 11 3 2015
GCC 15 4 2004
GDB 15 3 2004
Gerrit 1 2 2013
GIT 6 3 2019
IBM Rational DOORS 3 3 2003
IntellijIDEA 1 3 2014
JBoss 4 3 2013
jQuery 1 2 2014
Latex 5 3 1992
Lint 4 3 1996
Linux tools 14 4 2019
MySQL 1 3 2004
Node.js 3 3 2015
PyCharm 1 3 2016
Rational Clear Case 18 4 2013
SASS 1 2 2013
ST-Ericsson Fido 9 3 2013
Valgrind 9 3 2013
Vim 16 1 2019
Wireshark 16 3 2019
Knowledge Years exp. Rating Last used
Ajax 1 2 2014
Android 1 3 2014
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 1 3 2015
Hibernate 4 2 2013
ITU-T Z.120 (MSC 2000) 4 5 2000
JPA 4 2 2013
jQuery 1 2 2014
Linux 16 4 2019
MS SQL Server 4 2 2013
MySQL 1 3 2004
REST 3 4 2016
Sun Solaris 13 3 2000
TCP/IP 10 2 2013
Test-driven development 19 4 2019
Ubuntu 10 3 2019
Unit testing 16 4 2016
Web standards 11 4 2014
1. Definition of ratings
  1. Has some knowledge of the technology/product.
  2. Has previously used the technology/product but may require a brief introduction or course.
  3. Has used this technology/product in projects before and can get going on his/her own.
  4. Feels very confident with the technology/product.
  5. Is very experienced with the technology/product and can support or educate others in this area.


Customer Axis Communications, Lund
Time frame 2016/05 - ongoing
Project role Network and Framework
Project description Development and correction of network framework
Technology C, Check, Gerrit, Git, Make, Valgrind
Customer Serstech, Lund
Time frame 2016/01 - 2016/04
Project role Software Developer
Project description Implement and test a cloud client using on an embedded device
Technology Bash, Python, REST, Unit-testing, Subversion
Customer OddComet Games, Lund
Time frame 2015/11 - 2015/12
Project role Game Development
Project description Game Development of "Chastle Chaos"
Technology C#, Mono Develop, Unity 3D, Git, Bitbucket, Steam
Customer Notizo, Lund
Time frame 2015/09 - 2015/10
Project role Developer
Project description Developing an Android application that communicates with a BLE device for a startup company
Technology Bluetooth Low Energy, TI CC26XX, ARM 3, C, CCS Studio (Eclipse), Android, Android Studio, Java
Customer Sony Mobile Communications AB, Lund
Time frame 2015/03 - 2015/08
Project role System Analyst - Performance
Project description Finding root causes and when applicapble solutions to performance problems.
Technology SQL, Java, Android, Tracetool, Pivot Tables, Node.js, Javascript
Customer AddonNews, Malmö
Time frame 2013/12 - 2013/12
Project role Android Development
Project description Jan developed an application that connected itself to a specific webpage and showed it's contents. The webpage should also be able to control the app through special HTML-tags. Android studio was configured so it was easy to make new apps by changing a few configuration files so that it was simple to change the graphics and point to a different website.
Technology Android, Java, IntelliJ/Android Studio
Customer Znappu, Malmö
Time frame 2013/11 - 2015/05
Project role Programmer
Project description Jan took part in developing a dating application (www.znappu.com ). Jan handled logging in, the profile, camera and gallery functions on the client.
Technology Android, Java, IntelliJ/Android Studio, REST
Customer Canwz, Malmö
Time frame 2013/10 - 2013/11
Project role Serverkonfiguration with node.js
Project description Jan configured a node.js server in order to present interactive contents on public screens (www.canwz.com). The work consisted of configuring node.js so that it was debug-able in Google Chrome (code mapping from CoffeScritp to Javascript). Jan was also responsible for ensuring that mobile devices that connected to the units wireless network was re-routed to a web page, which made it possible for the user to control a public screen.
Technology Linux Server, node.js, dnsmasq, CoffeScript source maps
Customer AddonCity, Malmö
Time frame 2013/04 - 2013/09
Project role Android development
Project description Jan developed part of an advertising application that suggested things to buy or stores to visit based on where you where located. You could also define a different location than your current location in order to plan your activity when doing a trip. The server part was implemented by AddonCity and the client was developed by Commind.
Technology Android, Java, Eclipse, REST
Customer Burlövs Kommun, Malmö
Time frame 2013/01 - 2013/04
Project role Webb development “kvalitetskort”
Project description Jan developed an interactive web interface to show different units planned activity in an yearwheel in order for managers to get an overview (http://www.kvalitetskortet.se). The work consisted both of implementing the server as well as the client parts. “Kvalitestskortet” is a web tool that is used for continuous quality work in school and preschool in order to achieve he Swedish National Agency for Education requirements.
Technology Ruby, Rails, Html 5, CSS3, Javascript, HTML 5 Canvas, Kinect JS, REST
Customer ST-Ericsson, IT, Lund
Time frame 2009 - 2013
Project role Technical coordinator, Software Developer
Project description Jan took part in finalizing and deploying CME3 (Configuration Management System) that is a process layer on top of Clearcase. CME is a key component in the development environment with high availability requirements and was used by more than 1000 users globally. The tool consisted of a server part and a client part that consisted of Eclipse plugins. Both client and server had unit test in JUnit. The tool had also a CLI that had integration test written in Python. The tool was integrated with both an error reporting system as well as a PLM system through ActiveMQ. Jan also developed logging of the servers resource usage that was presented as graphs on the projects support pages. Jan did streamline the projects installation procedure, so that the differences between the test and production environment was describe in a configuration file, which made upgrades painless. The presence of the configuration file also proved to be very useful when migrating the IT environment from Ericsson to ST-Ericsson. The project group consisted of 2-3 internal resources and 2-3 outsourced resources. During the project the outsourcing partner was changed from a Czech group to a Rumanian group. Jan trained the new development group. Jan worked as a technical coordinator, developer and technical support.Jan did also develop a script that synchronized Git/Repo to Clearcase/CME with a test suite in Prove.
Technology Clearcase, CME3, SDE, Java, J2EE, JBoss, ActiveMQ, Ant, Eclipse, Eclipse-plugins, Perl, RRD-Tool, Markdown, Graphwiz, Git, Gerrit, Linux, Windows
Customer Ericsson Mobile Communication, Lund
Time frame 2005 - 2009
Project role System Integrator
Project description Jan worked as a system integrator where his area of responsibility was to configure and integrate cellphone software and run smoke test before before publishing a new official version of the software. Jan wrote Perl-scripts that eased the integration work. The most notable scripts enabled to search in for changes in Cleracase version history with regular expressions and script to analyze build logs in order to ensure that the number of warnings did not increase. Jan took also part in developing an auto-integrator which extracted defects tagged resolved from the defect system and presented these to the responsible integrator. The integrator choose the corrections to integrate, and the tool updated the system configuration automatically. After a successful system validation, the tool closed the corrected issues in the defect system. The auto-integrator had unit test in NUnit.
Technology SDE, Beyond Compare, Perl, Clearcase, C#, Windows
Customer Sony Ericsson AB, Multimedia, Lund
Time frame 2004 - 2005
Project role Software Developer
Project description Jan took part in error correction and restructuring of the e-mail client. . One of Jan's assignments was to rewrite the client so that it could handle background sending of the e-mails. Both communication with server and development of the user interface was developed. Jan also developed SMTP test server in Perl-expect that could simulate interruptions in the communication in order to ensure that the e-mails where resent if they where not delivered successfully. The client code size was halved in the process. The state machine on the client was documented in GraphWiz in order to get a quick overview of the send mechanics.
Technology C, OSE, Visual Studio, SDE, CME2, Clearcase, Windows, Graphviz, Doxygen, Perl, Perl-Expect
Customer NeonChart, Malmö
Time frame 2003 - 2004
Project role Software Developer
Project description Jan developed a website for stock analysis. The system fetched the raw data automatically and adjusted them for various events (e.g. split or reversed split) through configuration files. The analysis was made in C++ and the graphs where rendered in a Ray-tracer and was then uploaded to the website. A build system where the only input was the file system structure was also developed.
Technology C++, Make, Bash, Perl, Povray, CppUnit, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Smarty, HTML, CSS, TikiWiki (CMS). Subversion

Previous employments

2015/03 -
EC Solutions AB, Lund
2013 - 2014
Commind AB, Malmö
Android and Web Development - please see Projects.
2009 - 2013
Commind AB, Malmö
Contractor at EMP/ST-Ericsson - please see Projects.
2004 - 2009
Bitmine AB, Malmö
Contractor EMP - please see Projects.
2000 - 2003
Telelogic AB, Malmö
Quality Assurance/SW Inspections Jan was responsible to plan and perform code and specification inspection based on a method described by Tom Gilb and Dorothy Graham. Installed and configured DOOR's in order to facilitate requirement management. Restored a script that generated graphs from changed lines of code by extracting this information from Clearcase. Was responsible with contacts with the local university. Constructed a platform independent build system.
1996 - 2000
Telelogic AB, Malmö
System Development, Standardization an was responsible for the standardization of MSC-2000 (Z.120, SG10/Q9) and represented Telelogic in ITU-T. Jan ensured that MSC-2000 textual syntax was LALR(1). Designed semantical rules that ensured that messages that where sent through instance hierarchies remained deadlock free. Developed the MSC part in an SDL-MSC tutorial: “Analysis and design of Complex systems with SDL and MSC”, that was held on the 9th SDL forum in Montreal. Handled outsourced resources that helped with parser generation. Finalized tool support for MSC '93 and developed support for MSC '96. Developed a data structure that made it possible to handle very large diagrams, so that the tool could visualize a large amount of real-time events. Produced preliminary documentation in FrameMaker
1992 - 1995
Telelogic AB, Malmö
Porting, System development Jan ported SDT 3.x from UNIX to Windows w32s/95/NT, by implementing and refining the GUI-framework that already existed on UNIX. Developed coding rules for C/C++ to facilitate platform independent development. Ported SDT 2.3 from Unix to Windows 3.1.
1992 - 1992
Telelogic AB, Malmö
Masters dissertation
1989 - 1991
Telelogic AB, Malmö
Summer intern
1986 - 1986
Helsingborgs sjukvårdsdistrikt, Helsingborg
Cleaning, hourly
1984 - 1984
Helsingborgs sjukvårdsdistrikt, Malmö
Cleaner, summer intern
1983 - 1984
Studiefrämjandet, Helsingborg
Programming Circle